the Great NYC Earthquake of 2016 was a very powerful and deadly 11.2 earthquake, being the strongest ever recorded...this Earthquake was a part of a deadly series of Earthquakes along the east coast...

Previous Earthquakes Edit

In the hours leading up to the Earthquake a magnitude 5.6 earthquake with the epicenter in Downtown New York City caused a few overpasses to collapse, then a magnitude 8.2 struck with its epicenter 3 miles east of Manhattan...less than 10 minutes before the earthquake a magnitude 10.8 struck with it's epicenter 18 miles southeast of New York Harbor.

Other Quakes Edit

This was a part of a earthquake series with 18 earthquakes...the strongest in New Jersey was a magnitude 8.9 Earthquake with it's epicenter 3 miles west of Cranford, NJ.

Tsunami Edit

A Tsunami Watch was issued the day prior because seismologists were forecasting a historical set of Earthquakes, which resulted in the United States Geological Survey issuing the first known PDS Tsunami Watch...less than 5 minutes following the earthquake the public reported a large wall of water speeding towards New York Harbor. Interstate 695 and Interstate 895 were declared as Tsunami Evacuation well as Interstate 95...a massive tsunami destroyed much of town at about 7:15PM leaving another 15 dead.

At about 6:42PM for the eighth time of the day, residents in NYC felt the ground shaking...but by about 15 seconds into the earthquake, the shaking was incredible...this was also the point where the earthquake reached a magnitude of 11.2, the Statue of Liberty was completely destroyed, the earthquake was originally given a magnitude of 10.8, but after post-analysis it was upgraded to a magnitude of 11.2...